Exchange of information on 3 September 2019 in 'dandelion'

On September 3rd we welcomed a large group of interested and supporting people in the care center 'dandelion'. A heartfelt Thank You to the board of dandelion for the generous hospitality!

It is important for us to keep everybody up to date with the latest developments and to underline the urgency of our project. We were very pleased to welcome Mr. Per Toussaint, Head of Communication of the Federal Association of Children's Hospice e.V. from Germany who gave us an impressive lecture and film screening.

In a very moving manner he demonstrated to us all what it means to care for a family member with a life-limiting illness. The film emphasized the emotional catastrophe it means - the effort it needs - the never ending problems. He also showed us that situations like this do not only mean ‘end of life care’ but urgently need ‘life care’ - for the patients as well as for their relatives. The movie "The Stupid SMA" can be viewed at on YouTube.

Our co-president Henri Gassler introduced the audience to the 5G of our work:


With this in mind, we will continue to push the project forward!