Our goal: the planning and realisation of a Palliative Care Centre in Basel, across generations and with approximately 40 beds for patients and relatives.

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The project

The objective of palliative care

Palliative care comprises the holistic treatment of people of all ages suffering from an incurable or chronic illness.

Current situation

According to our calculations for the future, only half the requirement for palliative care for the Basel region and the whole of Northwestern Switzerland is currently covered. We believe that the demographic trend, above all the increasing share of persons aged over 80 in the population that is set to number 800,000 by 2040, calls for far-sighted advance planning.

There is in particular no Palliative Care Center for children and young people in either the border triangle or for that matter the whole of Switzerland in existence. If children suffer from a life-threatening illness and the family is confronted with the thought of losing them, there is a very special need for medical and psychological care.

The new Palliative Care Centre in Basel

The “Mehr Leben” association has set itself the target of constructing a Palliative Care Centre in Basel for patients of all generations and across national frontiers, bundling the existing human and professional resources and enabling better use of them to be made for persons affected in this region. The centre is geared entirely to the needs of palliative care, which differ greatly from normal hospital operations.

The centre offers patients the opportunity to say farewell in a supportive environment. It allows patients to spend their remaining life time in an atmosphere of peace, cared for and relieved of pain. Rooms can be individualised to create a feeling of being “at home”. Family members receive accommodation and close psychological support if required. The surroundings of the centre are laid out like a park and offer the opportunity to spend time outdoors amid nature.

The project focuses on needs-based support and an increase in well-being. The aim is to ease pain, allay fears and enable both patients and their families to part in dignity with a focus on end-of-life quality.


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